Editorial tout frais : Trump wants DOJ to set up a SCIF where he can discuss classified docs

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Donald Trump’s lawyers on Wednesday asked a federal judge in Florida to order the government to « re-establish » a secure facility at his Mar-a-Lago resort where they could safely discuss the national security documents prosecutors say he illegally kept there.

In a court filing to U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, Trump attorneys Todd Blanche and Chris Kise asked for the accommodation after arguing special counsel Jack Smith’s proposed protective order on how they can discuss the sensitive materials recovered from the former president’s home was too onerous.

« This request is based on the immense practical and logistical hurdles and costs that make it virtually impossible for President Trump to make regular trips to a public facility to discuss classified discovery material with counsel as necessary to conduct a defense consistent with the rights afforded by the Constitution, » their filing said.

Smith’s office said in a filing last month that Trump and his lawyers should stick to the established protocol for discussing the documents — going to a court-approved sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIF. « The government is not aware of any case in which a defendant has been permitted to discuss classified information in a private residence, and such exceptional treatment would not be consistent with the law, » the July filing said.

Blanche and Kise called that argument « misleading, » citing the « uniqueness of President Trump’s residence, including that it is in a highly protected location guarded by federal agents that previously housed a secure facility approved for not only the discussion, but also the retention, of classified information. »

They acknowledged that facility was « decertified » in early 2021. Trump was charged in June with mishandling more than 100 classified documents, including holding on to sensitive materials that he knew were classified after he left the White House. The indictment alleged that national security documents were stored at times in different parts of the resort, including a ballroom stage and a bathroom.

Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case.

In Wednesday’s filing, Blanche and Kise contended that a Mar-a-Lago SCIF would save the government money given « the logistical hurdles and incredible resources that will be required every time President Trump travels to one of the government’s contemplated SCIFs. »

« Efforts to safely transport and protect President Trump—all of which are required by the Secret Service—cost the United States government and state and local municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars per visit, which is significantly more than the fixed amount necessary to re-establish the secure area at which President Trump (and his lawyers) were once permitted to discuss classified information, » they said.

The filing stressed that a Mar-a-Lago SCIF would only be used to discuss classified material and that Trump is not asking permission to review or store any documents in that location.

The special counsel’s office declined comment on the filing; Trump’s attorneys did not respond to a request for comment.

Both sides are due in court Thursday before a magistrate judge for an arraignment on the superseding indictment alleging Trump was part of a scheme to delete subpoenaed security video in the case.

Trump, who is not required or expected to attend the hearing, has entered a not guilty plea via his lawyers. His two co-defendants — Trump aide Walt Nauta and Mar-a-Lago employee Carlos De Oliveira — are expected to attend in person.

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