Editorial tout frais : Will retired state employees see justice with their pensions?


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Sandra Marzilli Paquette manages the Facebook group site Advocates for COLA Restoration and Pension Reform.

Kudos to Katherine Gregg for her informative handling of the topic of renewed interest in Cost of Living Adjustments after 10 years of their having so ruthlessly been taken away from retirees who had worked and paid for contractual pension plans (« A battle is brewing to restore COLAs for retirees, » Political Scene, April 17).

The motivation behind the involvement of then treasurer Gina Raimondo becomes more apparent with each passing year. Sadly what has also been clearly demonstrated with the passage of time is the devastation that has resulted in the lives of 60,000 current workers and retirees, members of the Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island. With a 35% inflation level and incomes frozen at 2011 levels, the crisis deepens. Also, current employees are faced with the financial inability to retire often despite age related decline and health issues.

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Responsibility for the law can clearly be placed on an ambitious Treasurer, her Wall Street financial supporters — to whom she transferred $1 billion of the pension’s funds — the General Assembly lawmakers who failed to read the purposely unreadable 113-page law with its unending pages of minutiae, and the Courts who failed to individually address the 205 challenges to the legality of the Pension Security Act.

Retired teachers, state employees and union groups rally against pension cuts outside the State House in 2011.Retired teachers, state employees and union groups rally against pension cuts outside the State House in 2011.

Retired teachers, state employees and union groups rally against pension cuts outside the State House in 2011.

Yet one very significant question remains to be addressed to the R.I. Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals and the National Education Association of R.I.

The question is why?

Why didn’t the unions representing working members of the Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island, as well as the affiliate groups who took it upon themselves to speak for the 27,000 retirees, prevent this travesty from occurring and being accepted as law in 2011? Yes, the pension system did require some updating at that time, but there is no documented evidence to justify the carnage that took place.

Treasurer Raimondo had depicted the then status of the pension fund as having millions in unfunded liability. While the statement is technically valid, what it actually represents is the amount that would be required if all ERSRI workers were to retire on the same day!

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Why didn’t the unions and spokespersons know this? Their function is to support the rights of their members and to ensure that any changes that are made in their contracts will enhance current benefits and improve the lives of those that they are paid to represent. At no time are unions expected to remove achieved status levels nor promote detrimental alterations to achieved contracts.

And, pertaining to retiree voting on the results of court ordered negotiations in 2015, why was the meeting held at a venue that was fire coded to hold just 500 people? (Keeping in mind that 26,500 affected retirees could not physically attend.)

Why was discussion at this gathering terminated because of time limits on the rented space?

Also, at this time, mail-in ballots were sent to a limited group of retirees. These were dues-paying members of the RIAFT Retirees — a non-union affiliate organization, again raising the issue of the thousands who did not belong to this group who had no voice with regard to the voting.

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And, far worse, any ballot not returned was counted as a yes vote! This occurred despite the ballots having included the deceased and the incapacitated, as well as being sent to outdated, incorrect addresses.

Yet perhaps the most significant question of all: Why has nothing been done in 11 years to right the wrongs, to assist the thousands of lifetime workers who are now experiencing severe financial struggles? Why are older retirees now in their 70s and 80s made to endure the trauma of being unable to meet monthly expenses?

Why has justice remained elusive to those who spent their careers in service to our state and its children — those who trusted the integrity of state officials to honor a legal contract and who depended upon their unions to preserve their contractual rights?

Which now raises the equally vital question of when?

This article originally appeared on The Providence Journal: Crisis deepens for retired state retirees

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